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Gain Coupons – Gain is a popular brand of laundry detergent commonly available at grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores across the country. Currently, Gain offers the following products: Original Fresh, Original Fresh HE, Fresh Awakenings, Island Fresh, Island Fresh HE, Bleach Alternative Outdoor Sunshine, Touch of Softness Simply Fresh, Touch of Softness Cotton Fresh, Baking Soda Fresh Water Sparkle, Gain with Febreze Freshness, Spring Lavender, Spring Lavender HE and Floral Fusion. Use available gain coupons and promotions on your next purchase.

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Common Questions and Answers regarding Gain laundry detergent:

How can I get coupons or samples for Gain products? Gain does not offer coupons on their official website, but you can sign up for their Fan Club and be the first to know about all their fun promos and other neat stuff.

Why does detergent sometimes get lumpy? Heat, humidity or dampness can cause powdered detergent to harden or clump. So be sure to store your powdered detergent in a cool, dry place. And if you just can’t resist driving door-to-door to share that terrific Gain scent, don’t forget to take the detergent out of your trunk when you’re done!

Can I use your HE detergent in my top-loading machine? Gain HE detergent is designed especially for high-efficiency washing machines—both the front- and top-loading kinds. If your machine isn’t a high-efficiency model, you can still use HE detergent if you want. It won’t harm the machine—you’ll notice fewer suds but you’ll still get the same great performance.

Why don’t I see suds in my wash water? Well, the amount of suds varies based on other stuff like water temperature and how big or dirty your load is. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see a lot of suds, Gain always works hard to give you sparkling clean, awesome-smelling clothes.

gain coupons

Why is my detergent watery or thin? Storing your liquid detergent in really warm places like on your dryer, in a hot car, or in the sun may cause it to become watery or thin. No worries, your favorite Gain detergent should return to normal when you store it at room temperature.

I think the bottle or box of detergent is under-filled. All Gain bottles and boxes are filled by weight, not volume. Your neighbor didn’t get more than you did—it’s just possible that the contents in the package you purchased have settled more than usual. Watch the latest commercials for gain products.

Where can I find the Gain products that I love? Gain products vary by location, but check your local grocer, drugstore and other big retail stores to see if they carry your favorite Gain scent.

This detergent isn’t removing stains or cleaning as well as it used to. All of Gain laundry detergents are designed to provide good, overall cleaning. But for extra cleaning power, consider increasing the dose according to the back label instructions or try Gain with Baking Soda, the brand new detergent that gets your clothes sparkling clean with a scent you’ll love.

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